The severity of COVID-19 infection in Iraqi heavy smokers’ sample


  • Haitham Mahmood Kadhim
  • Shahad Muhammed Ali
  • Fatima Adnan Yacoub


Coronavirus, disease, pandemic, smoking.


Objective: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastating impacts globally. The aim of this study is to mitigate virus spread, imposed severe restrictions during March 2020.
Methods: An online cross - sectional survey was conducted in March 2021 among current smokers to explore changes in smoking behavior and home-smoking rules during this period. The study included 157 participants (126 males and 31 females) aged 13-59 years. We administered a survey during the coronavirus pandemic with several questions that allowed us to collect specific data, to assess how smoking effect on COVID- 19 patients and how are they concerned with the results of Non-smokers patients.
Results: The questionnaire was constructed based on what we intended to report. (66%) of infections was less than 14 days; (12%) of infections was severe and (2%) was critical infections.
Conclusion: Majority of patients were previously clear of systemic diseases. Only 11% of patients needed to attend the hospital.