Medical Application of Graphene and its derivative


  • Ahmed Jassim Muklive Al-Ogaidi
  • Firas Al-Oqaili
  • Liblab S. Jassim
  • Shaymaa S. Hassan
  • Hamssa Ahmed Easa


Drug delivery, graphene compound, medical application


Graphene is one of the most important compounds that possess a lot of very unique chemical properties. The importance of graphene and its diverse medical use in all directions has increased, making this matter the focus of attention and attention of scientists and medical specialists with regard to the early diagnosis of cancer and tumors, its clinical follow-up and treatment, especially in recent years. In this review, the medical and pharmacological applications and uses of graphene in the early diagnosis of different types of cancer and how to follow up on disease cases were discussed. The most important difficulties facing researchers in the applied medical field of graphene were also discussed. The important and exceptional feature of graphene composite was the influential point in the diversity of medical applications of graphene, including electronic superconductivity, very high surface area, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, low economic cost, and possible development methods .A deep and comprehensive understanding of the interactions of graphene, which include organs and tissues, could lead to the production or formation of nano platforms such as graphene oxide that are more productive than graphene, Which has shown many important achievements regarding the applications of medical sensors that were in their initial stages.