Possibility of infection with COVID-19 in vaccinated Iraqi people


  • Haitham Mahmood Kadhim
  • Feryal Hashim Rada
  • Zainab Mohammed Ali
  • Muna Haider Mohammed
  • Saja Alah Mahdi
  • Juman Jasem Mohammed
  • Hassanein Ahmed Tareq


Chronic disease ,COVID-19 vaccine, infection recurrence, treatment


Objective: As the pandemic effect of viral infection with COVID-19 caused dreadful from death in worldwide, thereafter many vaccines manufactured against it. The aim of this study is to explore the acceptability of anti- COVID-19 vaccine in Iraqi population.
Methods: An online survey conducted in February 2022 among current vaccinated people that included 308 participants (108 males and 200 females) aged (18-66) years. The questionnaire involved questions about the vaccine type ,vaccine dose number, presence of infection after vaccination, symptom of infection after vaccination, period of infection appearance after vaccination, duration of infection presence after vaccination.
Results: The upper percent of questionnaire database reported that 68% of people take Pfizer vaccine, 84 % of people take twice dose of vaccine. Moreover, 68 % of people not infected after taking vaccine, symptom that appear after vaccination 15% mild to moderate. While, the period of infection appearance after vaccination was 25% more than one month, and the duration of infection presence after vaccination was 22% about one week.
Conclusion: The outcomes of this study showed the important role of anti- COVID-19 vaccine in constricted the spreading effect of COVID-19 infection for a reasonable level.