Assessments of active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipients in some pharmaceutical formulations


  • Ahmed Jassim Muklive Al-Ogaidi
  • Firas Al-Oqaili
  • Liblab S. Jassim
  • Shaymaa S. Hassan
  • Hamssa Ahmed Easa


Active pharmaceutical ingredient, amoxicillin drug, cephalexin drug, excipients.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is a substance that considered as one of the important materials that enter into the manufacture of the final pharmaceutical product, and its activity. Pharmaceuticals have a significant impact on the treatment and diagnosis of pathological conditions, and thus reduce the economic burden of the disease. As well, it has a role in the restoration, correction, or modification of physiological functions in human. Excipients play an important role in a drug's performance, including bioavailability, improving solubility, preserving the PH, stability, and determining the profile of the release. The reduction in the production cost of active pharmaceutical ingredient is not only due to the reduction in workers' wages, beside to innovations in the production method, which could help to reduce the economic state. The excipients have an essential part in industry of drugs, which contain a dependable, repeatable production method that produces a more stable product over time and increasing patient compliance.